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The church of Sant Miquel in the valley of the same name is the place where the people of Campanet come every year for the Holy Week to begin the Easter celebrations. On the square of the church there are various activities that are accompanied by a small street fair. The main activities are of a religious nature and also focus on children, such as splitting the clay to form figures and a music show for the youngest. Various gastronomic activities on both days also mark the main point of the festivities. The Pujada al pi de los Quintos (The Ascension on Foot of the Five). The young people celebrating their 18th birthday this year have set themselves the task of climbing a pine cone crowned with colored paper and the flag of Mallorca. The fifth who manages it is considered a hero in the city. In the Vall de Sant Miquel is the Hotel Rural & Spa Monnáber Nou. If you want to visit the valley, the church or attend the festivities, contact the hotel reception. We are happy to inform you.