Route Monnàber Nou – Coma Llarga - Binibona



This beautiful route through a rarely visited part of the Serra Tramuntana is quit an experience. The Mediterranean forest becomes greener and dense as we slowly ascent by the down the creek bed of the torrent Carrós. The mountain pass `Como Llarga` literally is a peak of the hike, from here we descent to the valley of the remote village of Binibona which counts less than 30 inhabitants. An easy-going gravel road takes you through ancient olive and carob groves back to the Monnàber estate. For people with an adventurous attitude and good physical shape can opt to climb the impressive crest of Sa Cappella Blava from waypoint number M 041.


Km 0.00   WP M008   Main entrance patio Monnàber Nou

  1. with your back to the gateway: turn right (down hill, direction archway)
  2. infront of the arch turn right (fountains on your left, turn along with curve to the rights)
  3. next path turn left
  4. after 40 m T-junction: turn right
  5. fork in the road: turn left (pass the recycle point)
  6. after 50 m iron gate: straight on (ignore side track to the right)
  7. after 50 m iron gate: straight on (cross almond orchard diagonally to the right, path a bit vague)
  8. after 200 m iron gate: straight on
  9. directly T-junction: turn right (pass through another gate)


Km 0.70   WP M036   White cattle barn

  1. crossroad: straight on (ascending, direction indicator Tramuntana)
  2. after 400 m: creek bed: straight on (blue/yellow marking)
  3. after 100 m ignore side track to the right (follow blue7yellow marking)


Km 1.20   WP M037   Cross point blue/yellow routes

  1. directly 3-road junction: straight on (yellow marking, in direction of Pas d´en Bisquera)
  2. after 75 m stone dam: climb over on right side (steep trail)
  3. descent on other side of the dam down the stony stairs
  4. directly creek bed: turn right
  5. after 60 m fork in the road: turn right (follow creek bed)
  6. after 350 m side track: turn left (yellow marking, you leave the creek bed)
  7. after 1.2 km dry stone wall:


Km 2.85   WP M040   Passage through dry stonewall in (dry) creek bed

  1. passage dry stone wall: straight on (valley opens)
  2. leave creek bed and ascent through smaller side valley coming from the left uphill
  3. after 150 m 3-road junction: turn left (vague trail, zigzags uphill, creek bed on right-hand, remain on most well defined trail)


Km 3.65   WP M041 Pass with 3-road junction (between Coma Llarga and Comellar de Sa Fonts)


Description for extra ascend to Sa Capella Blava (return to same spot):

  1. 3-road junction: turn right (small track, cairns, red dot)
  2. after 50 m follow rack along stone wall zigzag uphill)
  3. after 70 m en of stone wall: track overgrown by grass (cairns, occasional red stripes)
  4. after 400 m track unclear duet o fallen trees (cairns)


Km 4.45   WP M042   Flat area with stone ruines

+++these ruins were once used as a watering during dry periods in the summer for the animals.+++

  1. follow same track (look for cairns, track difficult to follow)
  2. after 450 m cross area with very sharp limestone rocks


Km 5.10   WP M043   Begin of crest/flat area (not well defined, first flat area before entering in the holm oak forest)

  1. 3-road junction: straight on (wide gravel road, descending, ignore side tracks)
  2. after 200 m 3-road junction: turn left (Holm oak with blue arrow on your right-hand)
  3. after 150 m you pass by a limestone oven on you right-hand
  4. after 250 m fork in the road: turn left (remain on main path)
  5. after 450 m you pass by a second limestone oven on you right-hand
  6. after 100 m 3-road junction: turn right (third oven in 50 m)
  7. after 150 m 3-road junction: turn right (descending, cross (dry) creek)
  8. after 100 m iron gate: straight on (gate is in fact old bed)
  9. after 50 m second (dry) creek: cross slantwise to the right
  10. after 50 m T-junction: turn left (gravel road)


Km 6.50/10,15   WP M014   Entrance of Ets Albellons

  1. 3-road junction: straight on (paved road)


Km 7.50/11,15   WP M013   Cross road in Binibona near Hotel Finca Binibona

  1. backing in entrance: turn left
  2. directly: turn left (paced road, you are leaving the village)
  3. ignore all side roads, remain on main road


Km 8.90/12,55   WP M080   Parking Es Castell

  1. backing the entrance: turn left (paved road, sign ´Privat´)
  2. after 100 m 3-road junction: turn left (descending)
  3. after 50 m iron gate: straight on
  4. after 100 m 3-road junction: straight on
  5. after 120 m iron gate: straight on
  6. after 400 m 3-road junction: turn left
  7. after 100 m iron gate: straight on (gate closed, climb over)
  8. after 300 m fork in the road: turn left (remain on main path, ignore side roads)


Km 10.50/14,15   WP M010   3-road junction with green iron gate  

  1. 3-arm junction: turn right (ascending)
  2. After 200 meters, crossing paved road
  3. turn left
  4. go until the village entrance
  5. the first road turn left and continue to the end of the road
  6. turn left (descending; village way out)
  7. after 1.6 km take the left branch (toward Monnaber)
  8. after 450 meters we reach the stables
  9. turn right through the gate and straight to the hotel


Km 12.35/16, 00 WP M008 main entrance patio Monnàber Nou


End of tour

Hiking preparations:

– Appropriate walking shoes
– A hat for sun protection
– Sunscreen Cream
– Take at least 2 liters of water per person with
– drink every 30 minutes
– Take rainproof clothing or a raincoat
– do not leave any garbage
– Respect the trail and the signs
– Do not disturb the wildlife of the region
– Collect no flowers or plants
– Please do not fire, and especially take care of cigarettes !!!

Trip Log

12,35 Km/16 KM






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