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Carta Restaurante "Es Mirador de Monnaber"





Warm salad with stripped Minorcan cheese and sauté wild mushrooms with honey vinaigrette
Foie and mango carpaccio caramelized with Pedro Ximenez sherry
Avocado cannelloni stuffed with monkfish and salmon in yoghurt and mustard sauce
Scallop ravioli in its own coral sauce
Duck magret wild rice delight with poached vegetables
Assorted fish, spinach and poultry homemade fritters
Frit mallorqui, mixed fried cutlets of lamb liver and vegetables with fennel sauce
King prawns salad with majorcan black suckling pig terrine
Sopas Mallorquinas, lightly stewed vegetables with thinly sliced majorcan bread
Broccoli cream soup with white asparagus mousse with dried tomato dressing
Grilled vegetables with parsley vinaigrette and sweet corn mayonnaise



Lamb stuffed with fungi, dried apricots sauce and crispy spinach
Roast shoulder with candied apple and dates sauce
Fried baby lamb chops with vegetable couscous and garlic aroma
Duck confit with grape sauce and sweet corn froth
De-boned quail stuffed with foie and lightly peppered sobrasada sauce
Grilled tenderloin of beef with cauliflower and almond pastete and sauté baby garlics, pepper sauce available
Roast majorcan black suckling pig with truffle sauce and fresh asparagus pasta
Iberian pork sirloin with black olive sauce

Red pepper tofu with aubergine sauce and poached egg

Cod and caramelized onion with padrón pepper scent and vegetables in tempura
Saffron sea bass with wild mushrooms and pea purée
Flower shaped squid with citrus fruits flavour and artichokes hearts
Layers of monkfish and crawfish on its own reduction sauce




Fried ensaimada on a vanilla cream bed and hot chocolate sauce
Apple sponge cake with red fruits and Minorcan cheese ice cream
Chocolate brownie with dried nuts and strawberry biscuit
Roasted layers of assorted fruits with white chocolate ice cream
Frozen lemon marsh mellow stuffed with gin jelly and pine nuts praline
Gató, majorcan almond sponge cake, with cocoa cotton and almond ice cream
Oreo crunch with passion fruit 
Assorted sorbets,( lemon, raspberry and mandarin)




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