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Route Lluc – Binifaldo

Route Lluc – Moleta de Binifaldo

Lluc - Binifaldo


The monastery of Lluc is considered of being the most important religious sites in Mallorca; surrounded by the green slopes of the Serra Tramuntana it is a classic tourist sight of all kinds of tourists and Mallorcans. The back lands of the Lluc monastery are heavily forested and surprisingly quiet, only a few minutes from the monastery you will find yourself in another world. Here the extremely weathered limestone has created a beautiful landscape with extraordinary shapes. A nice and relaxed walk in the hinterlands of the monastery; you will have the opportunity to shortcut the walk from Bibifaldó back to Lluc or to add an extra climb to Coll de Pedregat. This walk is apt for the entire family and is a perfect match with a visit to the monastery of Lluc.



Km 0.00  WP M023   Restaurant Ca S´Amitger


  1. backing the entrance: turn left (through gateway in direction of the monastery)
  2. after 150 m square in front of main entrance: turn right (through gateway next to souvenir shop)
  3. after 300 m side road: turn left (passage through dry stone wall next to the gate, little before reaching main access road)
  4. after 50 m pass through a opening the in the fence and cross the court diagonally towards the left.
  5. after 100 m pass through the gate and walk along the creek
  6. directly: turn left (cross wooden bridge)
  7. follow narrow trail in between the sharp rocks (cairns, afterwards stair steps)
  8. after 200 m side road: turn right (in direction of Es Camell, right before a wooden garbage bin)
  9. after 100 m ate the end of the trail:


KM 0.90 WP051   Es Camell


  1. return following the same route until point WP060. With the back to the bridge turn left (lightly ascent on a broad way)
  2. after a few meters we cross the river bed and arrive to a crossroads
  3. We follow the main way straight forward (the river bed is now on our right hand)
  4. We ignore all ways on the right (This are all ways to a old Camping-zone) We go on the main way until we arrive to a main street (up).
  5. At this street we turn left, about 65 m until point WP 52, km 17,4
  6. At the other side of the street is the entrance to “Menut” and “Binifaldo”.
  7. We cross the streeet (Be careful with the traffic) and enter in the entrance “Menut” and “Binifaldo”. We follow the paved way until we come to a Y-cross with a cordon
  8. We go left round the cordon (The way on the right goes to “Menut”, forest M060 – see alternative route).
  9. We follow the paved way until we come to another crossroads.
  10. We turn right and follow the paved way, after a few meters we arrive to point M053, Binifaldo


Km 5.60  WP M053   Centre for environmental education Binifaldó


  1. T-junction: turn left (paved road, GR 221 in direction of Son Amer)
  2. after 650 m:


Km 6.25 WP M024   Pass coll des Pedregaret


  1. use stairs to go over dry stone wall next to wooden gate
  2. directly 3-road junction: turn right (GR 221 in direction of Son Amer)
  3. after 1 km 3-road junction: turn right (wide gravel road, GR post)
  4. after 500 m 3-road junction: turn left (GR 221 in direction of Son Amer)
  5. after 150 m 3-road junction: turn right (cairns, GR post)
  6. after 30 m dry stone wall with stairs: straight on (GR in direction of Son Amer)
  7. directly: fork in the road: turn left (descending)
  8. after 70 m ignore side road to the right
  9. after 50 m 3-road junction: turn left (descending)

for a visit a look out to the valley of Lluc:

  1. 3-road junction: turn left
  2. after 200 m: WP M 020 Look out Lluc
  3. Return on the same route to the 3-road junction and turn right
  4. after 100 m fork in the road: turn right (descending, remain on main path)

11. after 250 m:

Km 8.50  WP M019   3 road-junction near spring Font de S’ermita (after 30 m on your right-hand)

  1. 3-road junction: turn right (in direction of S’ermita)
  2. after 300 m cross road: turn right (GR post)
  3. after 500 m 3-road junction: straight on (passage through the wall)
  4. after 50 m fork in the road: turn right (GR post)
  5. after 150 m T-junction: turn left (right after bridge)
  6. after 50 m side road: turn right (just before wooden gate, decent stairs)
  7. after 70 m cross road: straight on (cross paved road, pass through gate twice)
  8. after 200 m:


Km 9.95  WP M023   Gate parking of Refugi Son Amer


  1. after 150 m 3-road junction: turn right (up the stairs, overlap GR 221 and GR222)
  2. after 100 m fork in the road: turn right (in direction of Lluc)
  3. after 100 m:


Km 10.45 WP M 022   Entrance Refugio Son Amer (by terrace)


  1. backing the entrance: turn left (descending, in direction of Lluc)
  2. after 150 m crossroad: straight on (wooden gate)
  3. after 450 m iron gate: straight on
  4. directly T-junction: turn left (cross the paved road first)
  5. after 250 m:

Km 11.50  WP M023   Restaurant Ca S´Amitger

End of excursion

Hiking preparations:

– Appropriate walking shoes
– A hat for sun protection
– Sunscreen Cream
– Take at least 2 liters of water per person with
– drink every 30 minutes
– Take rainproof clothing or a raincoat
– do not leave any garbage
– Respect the trail and the signs
– Do not disturb the wildlife of the region
– Collect no flowers or plants
– Please do not fire, and especially
take care of cigarettes !!!

Trip Log


3 hours



Easy walking, possibility for extension

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