EASTER PARTIES TO CAMPANET - Hotel Rural Monnaber Nou Mallorca


Processions for the Easter week
Panadas, Robiols … Mallorcan delicatessen

The Pancaritat de Campanet in the San Miguel Valley


In our village Campanet they are celebrat Easter in very different ways. For example, there is the “Quintana Parade”. Here, the young people, who celebrating their 18th birthday this year, run through the village and sing well-known songs. The run goes up to the fonts Ufanes (just around the corner from the Hotel Monnaber Nou) where a pine tree is felled and debarked and tasted. This is now carried to the small church of Sant Miquel. They soap it there and st it up in front of the portal. The youngsters are now trying to climb the trunk up. The first to arrive at the top has won.

For information about the exact day and time, you are welcome to drop in at the reception and we will give you all you need to know about these and other festivities.