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Majorca Easter Break & Holy Week on Mallorca 2014


Just about any time of the year is a good time to come to Mallorca. Now when spring is coming up fast, It is a great time to be here, lush green and colourful landscapes, warm temperatures and quieter beaches


It's a popular season for walkers, cyclists and bird watchers, or for those just wishing to catch some early sun.


Holy Week 2013 on Mallorca is not only a religious celebration, also a popular tradition.

semana santa


The liturgical events begin this year on 13 April 2014 (Palm Sunday), with the blessing of the palms, followed by a procession representing the entry into Jerusalem by Jesus. This is held in all Parishes, and is particularly worth seeing in Palma where the Cathedral is central to the procession.


In Palma there will be processions every day from 13 to 20 April 2014, but the most important are those known as Crist de la Sang (on Maundy Thursday) and Sant Enterrament (on Good Friday), which are also held in nearly all the towns on Mallorca.

On Good Friday, the spectacular Davallament (Lowering) is held at the Calvari of Pollença (a town situated some 60 kilometres north of Palma): a figure of Jesus is carried down the 365 stone steps of Calvary Hill.

Holy Week finishes on Easter Sunday, with the Encontre procession, which represents the meeting of the newly risen Jesus with his mother, also held in most towns. Activities during the following week include the traditional Pancaritats and Romeries, processions to rural sanctuaries and hermitages.


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